Mac vs. PC: Which Is Better?

You might not know it, but there’s a war going on right now. For years, tech gurus have invaded forums and inundated comments sections, waging fierce fights over a subject which to the uninitiated may appear altogether trivial. However, to those on opposite sides of the Mac/PC battleground, one’s choice of computer is a matter worthy of heated debate.

If you’re one of many who have found themselves in need of a new computer, it might seem all too easy to be swept up and overwhelmed by the arguments preached by PC fanatics and Mac maniacs. But underneath the zealotry, it’s clear that fans of both brands build convincing cases for either side of the computing coin.

To spare you a stroll through the crossfire, I’ve combed through the most persuasive points presented by both Mac and PC camps and compiled them here.

Macs are Less Likely to be Infected

Even in 2016, Mac users are still considerably less susceptible to viruses and malware than those who prefer PCs. This is because Microsoft currently boasts an over 90% usage share of all personal computers, so virus makers spend significantly more time building malware which targets the far more numerous Windows users. Mac and Mac operating systems are not immune, however; it’s still a great idea for Mac users to protect their sensitive information by installing a security suite.

PCs Offer Variety

Only one company makes Macs: Apple. On the other hand, PCs are manufactured by multiple companies such as HP and Dell, the result of which is massive variations in hardware, performance, and price between PCs. PCs are also highly customizeable; practically any technical component of a PC can be easily swapped or upgraded. Besides their RAM and hard drives, Macs’ technical configurations are mostly permanent; the only way to upgrade a Mac’s internal graphics card is to buy a new Mac.

Consider Your Needs/Habits Before Choosing

Are you looking to outfit an entire office, or just upgrade your personal study? A Mac’s ease of accessibility and gentle learning curve could make it a better choice for recreation, and Macs have traditionally been the favorite of those who frequently use design-based programs like Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. Windows operating systems’ superior data management applications have in the past rendered PCs king in the office space.

Nowadays, It’s More About Personal Preference than Practicality

Cloud computing’s rise to prominence drastically altered the shape of the Mac versus PC stomping ground. Major software suites once designed exclusively for either Windows or Mac OS X are now completely interchangeable, with user data being stored in virtual space rather than on a hard drive. Nowadays, when you choose between a Mac or PC, you’re mostly choosing what you like, rather than what you need. Do you buy into Apple’s trendy narrative? Or maybe you grew up using Microsoft products, and Windows just feels more comfortable? From graphic design to balancing accounts, virtual data storage means Mac and PC can now accomplish any task optimally and interchangeably, which makes the choice between device brands largely a matter of personal preference.

High Tech Tattoos in Review

Ferhan PatelIt’s no secret that wearables are here and they look like they will be sticking around for a while. Whether you’re using a Fitbit to monitor your activity or an apple smart watch to organize your life, the consumer’s market for wearable technology is just beginning.

All kinds of startups are capitalizing this and developing new products and technologies accordingly. One of interest comes from a software and development firm based in Texas called Chaotic Moon. They have recently made headlines for their tattoo kits. Although they are still just prototypes, the company is creating tattoos that collect and upload health-related data.

It’s important to note that these tattoos wash off and are not embedded in the skin. In addition to having a unique look, there are a few key applications where the company sees this technology being applied. In military situations, these tattoos could be helpful for monitoring the health of the wearer as well as for detecting poisons in the air.

While the issue of how these tattoos of course brings up the issue of data security as it pertains to our medical health and location, luckily for Chaotic Moon, they will let the purchaser of the technology worry about that!
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